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Mr. Robot 1.05

Notez l'épisode :
Notez l'épisode :
Diffusé le 22/07/2015
Diffusé sur Mr. Robot Etats-Unis USA Network USA Network
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Mr. Robot 1.05
Elliot parvient à infiltrer Steel Mountain. Seulement sur place, il tombe nez à nez avec Tyrell. Tandis que Fernando Vera comprend qu'Elliot est responsable de son arrestation, Angela décide de revenir vivre chez son père.

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Elliot : "My father picked me up from school one day and we played hooky and went to the beach. It was too cold to go in the water so we sat on a blanket and ate pizza. When I got home my sneakers were full of sand and I dumped it on my bedroom floor. I didn't know the difference. I was six. My mother screamed at me for the mess but he wasn't mad. He said that billions of years ago the world shifting and the oceans moving brought that sand to that spot on the beach, and then I took it away. "Every day", he said, "we change the world.", which is a nice thought until I think about how many days and lifetimes I would need to bring a shoe full of sand home until there is no beach, until it made a difference to anyone. Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means anything, that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once. It's slow. It's methodical. It's exhausting. We don't all have the stomach for it."
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