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The Good Wife 3.09
«Whiskey Tango Foxtrot»

Écrit par Michelle King, Robert King

Notez l'épisode :
Notez l'épisode :
Diffusé le 20/11/2011
Diffusé sur The Good Wife Etats-Unis CBS CBS
9 790 000

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The Good Wife 3.09
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Alicia : "She was scapegoated. She's being sent to prison because she was used as a scapegoat for an inaccurate drone program."
Judge Kuhn : "No. She was convicted because she did wrong."
Alicia : "She was a woman –"
Judge Kuhn : "– Oh, please. Do you know what that defense says about the thousands of women who serve honorably ? We don't want that defense."
Alicia : "This isn't about want. This is about truth."
Judge Kuhn : "And the truth is, there are 12 people dead because of Sergeant Elkins' actions. She went to work incapacitated by drugs and she killed 12 people. Six children. You didn't ask one word about them. They are dead. They burned to death. Children like yours. Children like mine. Their mothers are mourning them right now. She may be pushing buttons, but they are dead, and they did nothing wrong. This was a just verdict. It was. And she will serve time for that. The problem with the charge of scapegoating is that it doesn't acknowledge at a certain point you have to hold people accountable. That is what's happening here. That's all. I have to go now. Good night, Mrs. Florrick."
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