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Citations de la série TV The Good Wife

Saison 6
The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 20
Kalinda : "Life's too short to be mad."

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 16
Diane : "If I were to set off a bomb in this room, we'd have Democratic presidents for the next 30 years."

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 16
Diane : "Aren't you having fun ? You hunt deer, I hunt clients."
Kurt : "But which head are we gonna mount over the fireplace ?"

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 9
Alicia : "You think I give a crap enough to follow you ? [The pictures] were taken by another campaign. They're gonna use this against me. And you. And I won't stand beside you. Not again, Peter. Not in a million years. So… don't listen to me, keep lying to me, I don't care. But do listen to your political instincts. You want to be re-elected. You want me to be elected. Then zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help."

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 7
Eli : "Alicia, you're not writing a poem, you're practicing politics."

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 3
Alicia (à Eli) : "If I ran, what's the plan ?"

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 2
Alicia : "Maybe I just wanted to believe you'd do the right thing. Because the man I married would have."
Peter : "Well, that's interesting. Because the woman I married never would have asked."

The Good Wife saison 6 Episode 2
Lorraine Joy : "I should've hired you. You're an assassin."
Alicia : "Your mistake."

Saison 5
The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 22
Alicia : "It has been a weird day."
Eli : "Yeah. A weird year."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 20
Diane : "Is [Canning] dying, or is he trying to screw me ?"
Kalinda : "He is dying… and he's trying to screw you."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 18
Canning : "I'm the new Will."
Kalinda : "You're not the new Will."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 18
Canning : "I don't want to be the enemy."
Diane : "You're not the enemy."
Canning : "Good."
Diane : "You're the Devil."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 18
Alicia : "It's time to kick some ass."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 18
Diane (à propos de Canning) : "Dear God, are you really thinking of putting the fox in charge ?"

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 17
David : "You're no Will Gardner, Diane. You'll only hurt yourself trying to be."
Diane : "Well then fasten your seat belts, we're heading for a lot of hurt."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 17
Peter : "Look, you lost a friend. You didn't lose your child. You didn't lose your husband."
Alicia : "I lost my husband a long time ago."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 17
Peter : "How many times do I have to tell you ? When I cheated, it didn't mean anything."
Alicia : "Well then that was a waste, because when I cheated, it did !"

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 17
David Lee : " Diane, I have some advice for you : when in mourning, don't make big decisions, at least for a year."
Diane : " Really ? Gretchen, move David Lee out of his current office and send him to that office back there."
David Lee : " You can't do that ! "
Diane : " Yes I can, I'm on the infrastructure committee, too bad you're not ! Is that a big enough decision for you ? "

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 17
Peter : " Well, I can't compete with a dead man, but if you think your life would have been better with Will, you are kidding yourself ! "
Alicia : " Stop it, Peter ! "
Peter : " No, I'm not gonna let you throw away this marriage because you have some idealized notion of a man who you're not even sure he cared about you ! "
Alicia : " You're a bastard ! "
Peter : " And you're a selfish bitch ! But you know what ? We're all that we have ! "
Alicia : " No. Not anymore."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 13
Alicia : "That was almost Will-like."
Cary : "Thank you, Diane."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 11
Will : "So you decided to change ?"
Alicia : "Yup. Into what I wore the night you banged me the first time."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 7
Diane : "You know, sometimes I look at you, and I wonder if you've changed, or if you were always this way."
Alicia : "I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn't help but change."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 7
Alicia : "Will pushed me out !"
Owen : "Because you were thinking of leaving and taking some of his clients ?"
Alicia : "Did he tell you that ?"
Owen : "No, I'm reading your body language here, and you're like in warrior-princess mood."
Alicia : "Well, I'm kicking butt."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 6
Diane : "Don't let [Alicia] get into your head."
Will : "No, that's where I want her."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 5
Alicia (à David, Will et Diane): "We’re coming after you, all your clients, every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We’re taking them. And then you know what you’ll have? A very nice suite of offices."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 5
Alicia : "Oh, go to hell!"
Will : "No, you go!... Oh, your daughter called, she needs you to call her school, to let her go on a field trip.".
Alicia : "Oh, when was this?"
Will : "About 40 minutes ago."
Alicia : "Oh, okay, thanks."
Will : "You're welcome."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 3
Alicia : "She's out. But maybe you'd like to come in and have a beer ?"
Cam : "Yeah, that'd be great, thank you."
Alicia : "Are you insane ? My daughter is sixteen years old ! You do not come knocking at our door again, do you understand, Cam ? Now is the time to say yes !"
Cam : "Yes."
Alicia : "Good ! Express elevator is right behind you, turn around !" (claque la porte)

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 3
Avocate (à David Lee) : "If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."

The Good Wife saison 5 Episode 1
Alicia (à Will) : "Don't end up hating me..."

Saison 4
The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 19
Colin Sweeney : "I love her too much"
Alicia : "She's going to cheat you."
Colin Sweeney : "I know, it's okay. I'll just kill her."

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 9
Veronica: "you got a young companion out of it. How much does he charge?"
Jackie: "$40 an hour. You should consider it. You won't have to go begging for male attention."
Veronica: "Yes. Paying for it seems to run in your family."

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 9
Veronica: "Mm. David Lee. That doesn't sound Jewish. It sounds Chinese."
David Lee: "Ellis Island."
Veronica: "Oh."
David Lee: "- Lee for Liebenbaum."
Veronica: "Oh. I've always liked Jewish men. I always thought a penis never looked quite right unless it was circumcised."
David Lee: "Oh !"

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 1
Alicia : "I have my own apartment, but I also sometimes stay at his house."
Peggy : "In the same room?"
Alicia : "That's none of your business."
Peggy : "Why not?"
Alicia : "Because my life is mine."
Peggy : "But you've made your life public, haven't you?"
Alicia : "No. My husband has."

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 1
Alicia : "My son is 17 years old. He has nothing to do with politics. You want to hurt Peter, I'll give you his number."

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 1
Diane : "What did he say?"
Will : "I'm the true litigator. The firm has suffered through your leadership over the last six months. Now it needs a man at the top."
Diane : "He didn't say "A man"."
Will : "No. I added that to piss you off."

The Good Wife saison 4 Episode 1
Cary : "Yep, always in time for the Fall of Saigon."

Saison 3
The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 21
Diane : "He's everything we need right now. A go-getter. Knows the ins and outs of the state's attorney's office."
Will : "The conflicts of interest here could sink a battleship."
Diane : "Are we really suddenly worried about conflicts of interests ? We face 50 between here and the elevator !"

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 21
Will : "Is Judge Cuesta coming here today ?"
Diane : "Yes. We discuss strategy in a half hour."
Will : "Which is when I have a sit-down with Lemon Bishop."
Diane : "The city's top meth dealer in the waiting room with its top judge. Yes, that qualifies as awkward scheduling."

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 21
Juge Cuesta (à propos du juge Whicks) : "Oh my Gosh, he's an idiot !"

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 21
Diane : "You what ?"
Will : "I'm dating her."
Diane : "You're dating Callie Simko ?"
Will : " Yes, just recently."
Diane : "Will I--I don't mean to intrude but could you please keep your pants zipped ?"

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 21
Juge Cuesta : "Do you think there is a Hell ?"
Diane : "No."
Juge Cuesta : "Me neither. Then I meet lawyers and I change my mind."

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 20
Alicia : "Well you finally get what you wanted Jackie."
Jackie : "And what is that ?"
Alicia : "Replacing me."
Jackie : "Oh Alicia I'm not replacing you, you left !"
Alicia : "I'm stopping you."
Jackie : "I'm not really sure how you'll do that."
Alicia : "I'm a lawyer, watch me !"

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 18
David : "We must have missed the memo. Apparently, we're now Stalin and associates."

The Good Wife saison 3 Episode 9
Alicia : "She was scapegoated. She's being sent to prison because she was used as a scapegoat for an inaccurate drone program."
Judge Kuhn : "No. She was convicted because she did wrong."
Alicia : "She was a woman –"
Judge Kuhn : "– Oh, please. Do you know what that defense says about the thousands of women who serve honorably ? We don't want that defense."
Alicia : "This isn't about want. This is about truth."
Judge Kuhn : "And the truth is, there are 12 people dead because of Sergeant Elkins' actions. She went to work incapacitated by drugs and she killed 12 people. Six children. You didn't ask one word about them. They are dead. They burned to death. Children like yours. Children like mine. Their mothers are mourning them right now. She may be pushing buttons, but they are dead, and they did nothing wrong. This was a just verdict. It was. And she will serve time for that. The problem with the charge of scapegoating is that it doesn't acknowledge at a certain point you have to hold people accountable. That is what's happening here. That's all. I have to go now. Good night, Mrs. Florrick."

Saison 2
The Good Wife saison 2 Episode 22
Jackie : "[Peter] will get custody."
Alicia : "That's unlikely."
Jackie : "He's the State's Attorney."
Alicia : "Who banged a hooker 18 times. Let's see where that ends up."
Jackie : "Oh my God you're awful."
Alicia : "You don't know the half of it."

The Good Wife saison 2 Episode 16
Diane : "We're the perfect couple."
Will : "Yeah. Everything but the sex."

The Good Wife saison 2 Episode 11
Will : "I've got your back, Kalinda. Just make sure you got mine."
Kalinda : "I always have… and I always will."

The Good Wife saison 2 Episode 9
Alicia : "He's innocent. Carter is innocent."
Juge Glendon : "Look, I can order a new trial, I can deal with the heat, but why should I trust this doctor if he so easily changed his mind ?"
Alicia : "Because he didn't so easily changed his mind. He changed his mind in the face of a man's innocence. So much of what we do is uncertain, Your Honor. So much of my day is working between right and wrong. But this has to be right. To do this to a man… it has to be right."

Saison 1
The Good Wife saison 1 Episode 18
Lawton: "So you're not a cop?"
Kalinda: "No."
Lawton: "And you're not with campus police?"
Kalinda: "Mm, mm."
Lawton: "So who are you?"
Kalinda: "Kalinda."

The Good Wife saison 1 Episode 8
Landry : "Are you saying you've ruled out the possibility of divorce?"
Alicia : "I have no plans to divorce."
Landry : "But you haven't ruled it out?"
Alicia : "I haven't ruled out running for president. Probably won't happen, but I haven't ruled it out."

The Good Wife saison 1 Episode 8
Landry : "Isn't it true...?"
Alicia : "What's your goal here, Mr. Landry?"
Landry : "Mrs. Florrick."
Alicia : "To do your boss's bidding? To embarrass me? Embarrass my husband? To goad me into some emotional public renunciation of him?
The relevant question here is whether Peter has a suitable place to go home to. And I am stating under oath that he does."

The Good Wife

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