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Citations de la série TV Friends (1994)

Saison 10
Friends (1994) saison 10 Episode 18
Rachel: "Do you guys have to go to the new house right away or do you have some time?"
Monica:" We've got some time."
Rachel: "Ok, shall we get some coffee?"
Chandler: "Sure. Where? "

Saison 9
Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 23
Ross : "It's a blanket Joey, not a cloak of invisibility"

Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 21
Rachel : "So, what's your name?"
Phoebe : "It's a normal Swedish name... Ikea."
Rachel : "Wow. What an interesting name!"

Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 18
Phoebe (répondeur): "Hello. This is the pigeon from the balcony calling to apologize. I shouldn't have knocked the tickets out of the pretty lady's hand. It was all my fault. No hers. Bye-Coo."
Phoebe: "Well, I bet that was very hard for him to do."

Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 18
Phoebe : "Vegetarians never get to do the wishbone. It's really not fair either, just because we don't eat the meat doesn't mean we don't like to play with the carcasses."

Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 15
Phoebe : "My mother was killed by a drug dealer."
Monica : "Your mother killed herself!"
Phoebe : "She was a drug dealer!"

Friends (1994) saison 9 Episode 8
Amy: "You know what I cannot believe? That my so-called sister gets a 30 percent discount from Ralph Lauren, and I still have to pay retail?"
Rachel: "Hahaha, it's 45"
Amy: "You bitch."

Saison 8
Friends (1994) saison 8 Episode 4
Ross: "Do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you about something I'm really uncomfortable talking about"
Joey: "Sure! How about, uh...you showering with your mom?"

Friends (1994) saison 8 Episode 3
Ross : "Although, we could probably worry about that until after we get married."
Rachel : "Married?!"
Ross : "Yeah, I think we should get married."
Rachel : "Because that's your answer to everything?"

Friends (1994) saison 8 Episode 3
Rachel : "Oh please, you inhale your food!"
Ross : "I grew up with Monica. If you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat!"

Friends (1994) saison 8 Episode 3
Ross : "Pretty amazing, huh?"
Rachel : "I don't see it!"
Ross : "What?! What?!"
Rachel : "I can't see it!"
Ross : "You just said that you did!"
Rachel : "I know, I lied. I didn't want her to think I was a terrible mother. I can't even see my own baby."
Ross : "Oh sure, come here! Sure you can. Come here. Look, it's right there."
Rachel : "Oh! Oh, it's beautiful! I see it now."
Ross : "Do you really?"
Rachel : "No, I don't see it!"

Saison 7
Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 23
Joey : "I can't believe I have to go back to work after this and get spit on again!"
Phoebe : "Lucky you ! At least the people that spit on you are famous !"
Joey : "Who spits on you?"
Phoebe : "I don't want to talk about work right now."

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 18
Rachel: "If you win you have to hug me."
Joey: "Okay, oh can I squeeze your ass?"
Rachel: "On TV? Sure."

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 17
Chandler: "So this is nice! I wish I didn’t have to go, believe me! But unfortunately I have to. Oh uh, by the way, what’s the name the girl you’re dating?"

Joey & Ross: "Kristen Lang."

Chandler: "Bye!"

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 17
Kristen: "Do you two know each other?"

Joey & Ross: "No. No."

Joey: "No. It just seems like Ross is the kind of a guy that would marry a woman on the verge of being a lesbian and then push her over the edge."

Ross: "Wait a minute! Were you on a poster for gonorrhea?"

Joey: "Have you ever slept in the same bed as a monkey?!"

Ross: "Hey you leave Marcel out of this!"

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 9
Phoebe : "Wow, Ben's first big-kid's bike. This is so exciting!"
Monica : "Oh, yeah, I remember mine. It was my sixth birthday. I went to the park... and I got on it, and it bent."

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 4
Tag : "Phoebe? That's a great name."
Phoebe : "Oh, you like that? You should hear my phone number."

Friends (1994) saison 7 Episode 1
Monica : "I'm sorry, apparently I opened the door to the past."

Saison 6
Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 14
Phoebe : "I cried for three days with that movie. No wait, two 'cause on the third day my mother killed herself so I was partly crying for that."

Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 10
Rachel : "Well, Chandler, what is this very weird, hum, metal 'A' 'Z' thing?"
Chandler : "Those are bookends! That's a great gift!"
Phoebe : "Oh okay. I'm sorry. Thank you for my 'az'."

Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 10
Ross: "I am so over Janine. I mean... yeah, at first I thought she was hot but now, she's like old news."
(Janine arrive)
Janine: "Hi, guys."
Ross: "Janine!"

Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 10
Joey: "I like her so much!"
Monica: "Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie that she doesn't feel the same way."
Joey: "I know, and she's so sweet. I just want to feed her grapes and brush her hair."
Chandler: "You are aware that she's not a monkey, right?"

Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 9
Ross: "It tastes like feet"

Friends (1994) saison 6 Episode 9
Monica : "And Dad, y’know that mailman that you got fired? He didn’t steal your Playboys! Ross did!"
Ross : "Yeah, well, Hurricane Gloria didn’t break the porch swing, Monica did!"
Monica : "Ross hasn’t worked at the museum for a year!"
Ross : "Monica and Chandler are living together!"
Monica : "Ross married Rachel in Vegas! And got divorced! Again!!"
Phoebe : "I love Jacques Cousteau!"

Saison 5
Friends (1994) saison 5 Episode 16
Joey : "I kind of had a dream. But I don't want to talk about it."
Chandler : "What if Martin Luther King had said that?"

Saison 4
Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 10
Rachel : "But you know, Rachel doesn't rhyme with dreidel."
Phoebe : "I know, but it's so hard. Nothing rhymes with your stupid name!"

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 8
Ross : "He's coming here for Thanksgiving?"
Rachel : "I know, it's sick!"
Monica : "Why is it sick?"
Rachel : "Because it's Richard's son! It's like inviting a Greek tragedy over for dinner."

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 8
Ross : "Hey, you know, Mon, if things work out between you and Richard's son, you'll be able to tell your kids that you slept with their grandfather!"
Monica : "Fine, judge all you want to! But married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl's wooden leg in the fire, live in a box!"

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 5
Rachel (à Ross) : "Why don't you just marry her? Oh no, wait a minute, you can't, I'm sorry, I forgot. She's not a lesbian."

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 4
Mr Treeger : "You have pets?!"
Joey : "No, no, no! Those are, uh, nicknames! I'm the chick, and Chandler's the duck."
Mr Treeger : "Oh! I would've thought it was the other way around."

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 4
Phoebe : "I started walking around, not knowing what to do next, you know? I started asking people on the street if they wanted massages. Then, these policemen thought I was a whore too. It's really been a bad day, whore-wise."

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 1
Rachel : "I just feel bad about all that sleep you're gonna miss, wishing you were with me."
Ross : "Oh no, no. Don't you worry about me falling asleep. I still have your letter!"

Friends (1994) saison 4 Episode 1
Monica (à Chandler) : "Okay, all right. I think you're great. I think you're sweet and you're smart.. and I love you. But you will always be the guy who peed on me."

Saison 3
Friends (1994) saison 3 Episode 24
Rachel : "Phoebe, it's all your fault! Now, he loves her. He'll marry her, and this is all your fault!"
Phoebe : "You said it was okay!"
Rachel : "You said she was bald!"
Phoebe : "Was ! Was, was, was, was, was!"
Rachel : "Phoebe, we can't let it happen. We have to do something. We have to break them up, okay? Just go in there and shave her head! You owe me one bald girl!"

Friends (1994) saison 3 Episode 24
Phoebe : "I'm sorry. I thought you said it was okay."
Rachel : "I said it was okay when I thought she was a weird bald chick. I mean, you know... That girl has got hair all over her head!"

Saison 2
Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 20
Phoebe : "I talked to my grandma about the Old Yeller incident, and she told me that my mom used to not show us the ends of sad movies. To shield us from the pain and sadness. You know, before she killed herself."

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 13
Monica : "So what'd he say?"
Rachel : "Ugh! What a jerk! I kept talking about you, and he kept asking me out. Oh! Naturally, you know, I said no."
Monica : "Well... Thanks, anyway."
Rachel : "He just kept asking... and asking, asking, asking..."
Monica : "Rachel, if you want to go out with him, you can. Sounds like a big jerk to me, but ... if that's what you want to do -"
Rachel : "Jean-Claude, she said yes! I'll see you tonight! Thank you."

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 7
Joey : "Maybe he's gay."
Phoebe : "I don't think that's the problem. We went dancing the other night...and just the way he held me so close and looked into my eyes...I just definitely felt something."
Rachel : "But how much can you tell from a look?"
Phoebe : "I felt it on my hip. I could tell."

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 7
Joey : "Let me get this straight. He got you to beg to sleep with him. He got you to say he never has to call you again. And he got you thinking this is a great idea? This man is my god!"

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 6
Joey : "We'll flip for it. Ducks or clowns."
Chandler : "Flip for the baby?"
Joey : "You got a better idea?"
Chandler : "All right, call it in the air."
Joey : "Heads."
Chandler : "Heads, it is. We have to assign heads to something!"
Joey : "Right! Ducks is heads because ducks have heads."
Chandler : "What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?"

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 4
Ross : "So, does it do, you know, anything... special ?"
Chandler : "Well yes Ross, pressing my third nipple opens the delivery entrance to the magical world of Narnia."

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 2
Rachel : "What did you buy?" Phoebe : "Um, we went shopping for um.... for um... for fur."
Rachel : "You went shopping for fur?"
Phoebe : "Yeah. And then I realized that I'm against that. And... So then we bought some um... ... boobs.
"Rachel : "You bought boobs?"

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 2
Rachel : "Monica, what's with you? Who did you have lunch with?"
Monica : "Judy."
Rachel : "Who?"
Monica : "Julie."
Rachel : "What?"
Monica : "Jody."
Rachel : "You were with Julie?"
Monica : "Look, when it started, I was just trying to be nice to her because she was my brother's girlfriend. And then ... one thing led to another. And before I knew it, we were ... shopping."
Rachel : "Oh, my god!"
Monica : "Wait, we only did it once. It didn't mean anything to me."
Rachel : "Yeah, right, sure."
Monica : "Really, Rachel, I was thinking of you the whole time. Look, I'm sorry, all right? I never meant for you to find out."
Rachel : "Oh, please! Please! You wanted to get caught."
Monica : "That is not true."
Rachel : "So you just sort of happened to leave it in here?"
Monica : "Did it ever occur to you that I might just be that stupid?"
Rachel : "OK, monica, I just have to know one thing. Did you go with her to Bloomingdale's? Oh!, Okay, okay, I just really need to not be with you right now. "

Friends (1994) saison 2 Episode 2
Rachel (à propos de Julie) : "What a manipulative bitch!"

Saison 1
Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 23
Susan : "What do you see ?"
Phoebe : "Well, Susan, I see what appears to be a dark vent. Wait! Yes, it is, in fact, a dark vent."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 17
Ross : "You've got to help me ! My monkey swallowed a 'K' !"
Nurse : "Get that animal out !"
Ross : "The animal hospital is across town."
Monica : "What's going on ?"
Ross : "Marcel swallowed a Scrabble tile."
Nurse : "Excuse me. This hospital is for people !"
Ross : "He is people! He has a name, okay ? He watches Jeopardy!, he touches himself when nobody's watching."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 16
Mr Heckles : "I can hear you through the ceiling. My cats can't sleep."
Rachel : "You don't even have cats."
Mr Heckles : "I could have cats."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 15
Ross : "Anyone know a good date place in the neighborhood ?"
Joey : "How about Tony's ? If you finish a 32-ounce steak, it's free."
Ross : "Anyone know a good place if you're not dating a puma ?"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 14
Chandler : "Ok, Janice. Janice. Hey, Janice. Look, there's no way for me to tell you this. At least there's no new way for me to tell you this. I just don't things are gonna work out."
Janice : "That's fine."
Chandler "It is ?"
Janice : "Mmh, because I know that this isn't the end."
Chandler : "Oh no, you see, actually it is."
Janice : "No, it isn't, because you won't let that happen. Don't you know it yet ? You love me, Chandler Bing."
Chandler : "Oh, no I don't."
Janice : "Well then ask yourself this. Why do you think we keep ending up together ? New Year's ? Who invited who ? Valentine's ? Who asked who into whose bed ?"
Chandler : "I did, but…"
Janice : "You seek me out. Something deep in your soul calls out to me like a foghorn. Janice, Janice. You want me. You need me. You can't live without me. And you know it. You just don't know you know it. See ya."
Chandler : "Call me !"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 10
Ross: "My friend Bethel rescued him from some lab !"
Phoebe: "That is so cruel ! Why ? Why would a parent name her child Bethel ?"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 7
Joey : "It's never gonna happen."
Ross : "What?"
Joey : "You and Rachel."
Ross : "Why not?"
Joey : "You waited too long to make your move...and now you' re in the 'friend zone'."
Ross : "I' m not in the zone."
Joey : "No, Ross. You're mayor of the zone."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 7
Joey : "My weirdest place would have to be... the women's room on the second floor of the New York City Public Library."
Monica : "Oh my god! What were you doing in a library?"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 6
Chandler : "So you're a widow?... Hopefully."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 5
Rachel : "He called me young lady !"
Chandler : "Ouh I hate when my father calls me that..."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 5
Rachel : "Okay, you caught me, I'm a laundry virgin !"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 3
Chandler : "Like your parents putting the dog to sleep... and saying it went to a farm."
Ross : "That's funny. Because our parents actually did...send our dog off to live on a farm."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 3
Phoebe : "Wait, wait ! I'm getting a déjà vu... no, I'm not."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 3
Phoebe : "'Dear Ms. Buffay. Thank you for calling attention to our error. We have credited your account with $500. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you'll accept this football phone as our free gift.' Do you believe this ?! Now I have $1,000, and a football phone !"
Rachel : "What bank is this ?"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 2
Carole : "Is this a bad time?"
Ross : "No, it's... the Stone Age."

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 1
Chandler : "Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian... Did I say that out loud ?"

Friends (1994) saison 1 Episode 1
Rachel : "Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it."

Friends (1994)

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