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Citations de la série TV Cheers

Saison 11
Cheers saison 11 Episode 28
Norm : "You know what I think the most important thing in life is? It's love. And do you know what I love?"
Sam : "Beer, Norm?"
Norm : "Yeah, I'll have a quick one."

Cheers saison 11 Episode 28
Norm: "Well, I’m off. But, uh, Sammy, can I let you in on a little secret?"
Sam: "Sure."
Norm: "I knew you’d come back."
Sasm: "You did?"
Norm: "You can never be unfaithful to your one true love. You always come back to her."
Sam: "Who is that?"
Norm: "Think about it, Sam."
(Norm part)
Sam : "I’m the luckiest son of a bitch on earth."
(Quelqu'un toque à la porte du bar)
Sam: "Sorry, we’re closed."

Cheers saison 11 Episode 18
Woody : "Why would an actress leave right in the middle of a successful series?"

Saison 10
Cheers saison 10 Episode 9
Carla: "Stop it! Stop! I have never once said anything about anyone you have ever slept with!"
Sam: "Oh, right! What about Diane?! Every morning you threatened to stick a hand grenade in her mouth and pull the pin! You hated her!"
Carla: "I disapproved of her."
Sam: "Oh, come on, Carla, you hated her! You hate everyone!"
Carla: "That's not fair!"
Sam: "Oh, right! I'm sorry, I forgot. You don't hate John Allen Hill!"

Saison 7
Cheers saison 7 Episode 17
Sam : "Now, what category am I in? Yes? No? Oh, geez.

Why do I even bother with you?" (il quitte la pièce)
Rebecca : "Ooh! A definite maybe."
Sam : (ouvre la porte) "I heard that. You said maybe! You said maybe! Rebecca thinks I'm a maybe!"
Rebecca : "I did not say that! I said that you kiss
like my Uncle Abey! No, no, no. I said that I think you gave me rabies!"

Saison 5
Cheers saison 5 Episode 26
Diane : "Published?! I knew it, I felt it. I've never been more alive in my life than when I was writing that. Which one was it?"

Cheers saison 5 Episode 26
Sam : "Hey... have a good life."
Diane : ""Have a good life"?!"
Sam : "What?"
Diane : "Well, that's something you say when something's over. Sam, I'm going away for six months. That's all. So no more of this "have a good life" stuff."
Sam : "You never know. You could die, I could die, the world could end, one of us could bump our heads and wander the streets for the rest of our life with amnesia. Or maybe... one of us will decide they want something else."
Diane : "None of those things will happen. I'll be back here. I will. I'll see you in six months. Okay?"
Sam : "Okay."
Diane : "Okay. That's better." (elle part)
Sam : "Have a good life."

Cheers saison 5 Episode 23
Norm: "See what I mean, Diane? I just wasn't meant to be a success."
Diane: "Norman, may I speak to you for a moment? You make me sick. You're a quitter, Norman. No, you're worse than that. You're a non-starter. You don't even try. You sit around the bar all day. You sit around your house all day. You sit around here all day. You sit around life all day. How are you gonna feel some day at the end of your life when you're lying... no, make that sitting... on your deathbed and you realize that the only thing you've done in your life is sit around and watch people do things, make things out of their lives. Well, maybe you're right, Norman. Maybe you're not meant for success. Maybe you're meant for exactly what you are. Nothing."
Norm: "Diane, you have no right to say that to me."
Diane: "Norman, I said those things to you because I care."
Norm: "You must care an awful lot about me."
Diane: "Well, I do. All of your friends care about you an awful lot. And we're tired of seeing you give up so easily."

Cheers saison 5 Episode 23
Diane : "Now, Norman, please. Now don't let this phase you. You have to keep pushing. I know that this idea didn't succeed, but others will."
Norm : "No no, Diane, a few moments ago, I almost made the biggest mistake of my professional life and it was because I was doing something that just wasn't me. I am not a go-getter, I've never been a go-getter. What's more, I don't even want to be a go-getter. I'm very happy right where I am. I'm tired of all these people saying "Peterson, you gotta push", "You gotta get ahead", "You gotta make that goal." I don't even want to make the goal, Diane. I want to be a bench warmer, OK? The world needs bench warmers. I mean, if there were no bench warmers, what would we have? We'd have... cold benches. A lot of cold benches and the world does not need that, Diane. In this great pageantry of life, Norm Peterson may be a motionless lump, but he's a very damn good one."
Diane : "Norman, I've never seen you so impassioned."
Norm: "That's because I believe in this, Diane. Look, Norm Peterson is totally happy being an anonymous cog in the gigantic machinery of this firm."

Cheers saison 5 Episode 21
Diane : If you only knew the enormous obstacles we've overcome, you would know that we are, destined to die in each other's arms. Because although we are, very different people, our parts mesh together perfectly. We have achieved, symbiosis."
Sam : "Well, not every time, but it's close."

Cheers saison 5 Episode 20
Diane : "Our relationship was a two-way street."
Frasier : "Yes, and I was run over in both directions."

Saison 2
Cheers saison 2 Episode 22
Diane : "Oh my God, Sam, I've made you a babbling idiot."
Sam : "Who are you calling a babbling idiot?"
Diane : "You don't have to get upset. I'm actually criticizing myself."
Sam : "You just called me a babbling idiot and you're criticizing yourself? Do me a favor, let me criticize me for a while. You're sickening!"