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Grey's Anatomy 17.05
«Fight The Power»

Notez l'épisode :
Notez l'épisode :
Diffusé le 10/12/2020
Diffusé sur Grey's Anatomy Etats-Unis ABC ABC
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Grey's Anatomy 17.05
Bailey panique en apprenant qu'il y a eu une augmentation des cas de COVID-19, sachant qu'elle a des proches dans un centre de vie assistée. Pendant ce temps, Jackson et Richard font équipe contre Catherine pour lui donner une leçon, et Teddy continue d'essayer de réparer ses relations. Après une opération chirurgicale intense, Jo est incertaine quant à son avenir.

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Bailey (en voix-off) : "Patients lose their power when they are referred to as 'Bed number 4' or 'arm pain guy'. Even in their deaths, they are not faceless. They are not nameless. They are more than statistics, more than co-morbid conditions or nursing home patients. They are sons, brothers, and uncles who speak five languages and run restaurants: Wade Klein, 66. They are great grandfathers who love Broadway: Jacob Lappin, 92. They are baseball-loving nurses with an easy laugh: Dane Wilson, 45. They are the world’s greatest mothers and they are the most beloved wives: Elena Rose Bailey, 84."
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Jackson : "You realize half of our COVID patients are Black and brown."
Richard : "I know..."
Jackson : "... in a city that's 7% Black? Like, how does that even compute?"
Richard : "Well, it doesn't..."
Jackson : "If I hear one more person blame it on pre-existing conditions as if the conditions aren't man-made to begin with... Like we're not pushed into the front line of all of our jobs and forced to live in overcrowded situations, surrounded by environmental hazards."
Richard : "Yeah, people want to make everything bad that happens your own fault."
Jackson : "Yeah, when systemic racism is the root of the whole damn thing. Forget the pre-, it's the existing condition. Existing while Black."
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