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Citations de la série TV Once Upon a Time

Saison 4
Once Upon a Time saison 4 Episode 6
Hook : "Well, spend a little more time in this town, love, you'll realize just about everyone's related"

Saison 3
Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 21
Emma: "How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?"
Hook: "Marty McWho?"
Emma: "The kid.. with the lightning and the DeLorean and they went back in time and..."
Hook: "Is he some sort of wizard?"
Emma: "No, Marty McFly isn't a wizard."

Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 19
Snow : "It's happening again... I'm about to give birth and an evil sorcier is threatening the future of my child !"
Evil Queen : "To be fair, the first time I was threatening you. Everyone else became colaterol damages."
Grumpy : "Remind me again why we forgave her ?"
Evil Queen : "Because I'm helping !"

Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 19
Robin Hood : "Where I come from a simple thank you would suffise !"
Evil Queen : "Where you come from, people bave in the river and use pine cones for money."

Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 17
Regina : "Let's start with roots for incantations"
Emma : "Are you kidding me right now ?
What language is this... Spanish ?
Regina : "We're not making tapas.
We're making magic".

Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 16
Regina : "This isn't the Wild West."
Zelena : "No dear, it's the Wicked West."

Once Upon a Time saison 3 Episode 1
Snow : "Why would you do this?"
Regina : "You're going to blame me?"
Snow : "You turned the mermaid into wood!"
Regina : "I did something about it, which is more than what you can say!"
Snow : "Undo your spell! Bring back the mermaid!"
Regina : "And what? You'll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers? (...) You're such a naive princess!"

Saison 2
Once Upon a Time saison 2 Episode 19
Charming : "Not bad, don Juan."
M. Gold : "Don Juan was nothing before he made his deal with me."

Once Upon a Time