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Citations de la série TV Archer (2009)

Saison 10
Archer (2009) saison 10 Episode 4
Mallory : "What is with all the banging and shouting? Are we hosting a quinceanera?"

Saison 9
Archer (2009) saison 9 Episode 3
Archer : "We gotta fly to make money, but we gotta have the money to fly, so..."
Pam : "Yeah, that's a real Catch-22."
Archer : "Uh... I don't think that's a thing yet."

Saison 6
Archer (2009) saison 6 Episode 12
Krieger : "And by the way, if I was a clone of Adolf goddamn Hitler, wouldn't I look like Adolf goddamn Hitler?!"

Archer (2009) saison 6 Episode 3
Crash: "We head out at dawn"
Archer: "And that's AM?"
Crash: "As opposed to...?"
Archer: "PM Dawn?"

Saison 5
Archer (2009) saison 5 Episode 12
Lana : "Cyril's just the Vader to your Palpatine."

Archer (2009) saison 5 Episode 8
Cyril: "Do you think those guys are Doctors Without Borders?"
Archer: "Yes Cyril, I do. I bet those assault rifles shoot polio vaccines."

Archer (2009) saison 5 Episode 6
Cyril: "So...why are we in our underwear?"
Krieger: "Meh...don't worry about it."

Archer (2009) saison 5 Episode 5
Archer : "We're talking about Texas. Somebody somewhere wants enough cocaine to forget they live there."

Archer (2009) saison 5 Episode 4
Hawley: "What do you people think the letters FBI stands for?"
Archer: "I bought a T-Shirt once that said "Female Body Inspector."

Saison 3
Archer (2009) saison 3 Episode 13
Archer : "A black astronaut Cyril ! Thats like killing a unicorn !"

Archer (2009) saison 3 Episode 4
Archer : "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my giant throbbing erection."

Saison 2
Archer (2009) saison 2 Episode 12
Archer: "Barry, wait, slow down!"
Barry: "Why?"
Archer: "So I can go past you!"

Archer (2009) saison 2 Episode 11
Archer : "Can you not rub your dick in my mother's pantyhose, please?"

Archer (2009) saison 2 Episode 10
Cyril : "I was jacking it on the telephone."
Archer : "Does Internet porn know you were cheating on it?"

Archer (2009) saison 2 Episode 9
Lana : "Well, you did threaten to stick a knife up his dick hole."

Archer (2009) saison 2 Episode 2
Cheryl : "So, Krieger's a doctor."
Cyril : "Not the medical kind!"
Krieger : "Not even the other kind... technically."

Saison 1
Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 8
Krieger : "So, what's it gonna be, you harpy ? You ever wanna see your son again ?"
Malory : "…Not at the number you quoted me !"

Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 8
Pam: "Come on Ms. Archer! You've been in there ten hours, meet us half way and Krieger will let you out of there."
Krieger: "Or else he'll crank up the heat again."
Cheryl: "I love... that you know how to do that"
Krieger: "And I love that I have an erection, that didn't involve homeless people."

Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 7
Lana: "Cyril is already freaked out enough about us sharing this shoebox without you air-drying your unkempt bush."
Archer: "Unkempt bush!? You're one to talk."
Lana: "My vulva is smoother than a veal cutlet!"

Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 5
Archer: "You know, when I was little I used to pretend you weren't my mother."
Malory: "Me too."

Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 4
Archer: "Woodhouse! What are you doing?"
Woodhouse: "Uh, sitting down sir."
Archer: "What, at the table? Like people?"

Archer (2009) saison 1 Episode 3
Archer : "You know what's dangerous ? Your obsession with me. Seriously, Lana, call Kenny Loggins, 'cause you're in the Danger Zone."

Archer (2009)