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Citations de la série TV Revenge

Saison 4
Revenge saison 4 Episode 21
Emily : "That bitch set me up!"

Revenge saison 4 Episode 21
Nolan : "Ding dong, the bitch is dead!"

Revenge saison 4 Episode 10
Emily (à Daniel) : "I want you to know that it wasn't all a lie. Not with you."

Saison 3
Revenge saison 3 Episode 22
Victoria : "Oh I'm certain the authorities would disagree once they arrive."
Emily: "Let them come ! You're the murderer here."
Victoria (enchantée): "You received my gift…"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 22
Emily : "Goodbye Victoria, get better soon."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 21
Conrad : "You did this ?"
Emily : "Yes, in memory of David and Amanda Clarke."
Conrad : "Oh, what about Victoria ?"
Emily : "Oh, I'm not finished yet !"
Conrad : "Well, then godspeed."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 21
Victoria : "Goodbye Conrad, do rot in Hell."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 21
Emily : "Seized. Confined. Captive. Six years of my youth were spent that way. In juvenile detention, many lost hope. For me, being locked away was an impetus for revenge and for the vow that once I got out, I would punish those who took my freedom."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 21
Charlotte : "You disgust me."
Conrad : "And you, my dear, are an ungrateful bastard. My love for you was so profound that I was gonna confess to everything to save your life. You know what? No longer. No. And you're not going anywhere."
Charlotte : "You have no power over me!"
Conrad : "No, I have the power to take you out anytime I want!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 21
Conrad (à Charlotte) : "I had the reach to snuff out your nuisance of a sister. I was in league with a confederacy of global terrorists who tried to bring me down, but I'm still here. And your father, the selfish and dim-witted David Clarke, he was my patsy to freedom! Oh, I have the power. And my secrets are gonna rot inside of you beyond your last breath, because you are gonna keep your stupid and thankless mouth shut! I'm the last man standing for a reason. And if you even think about crossing me, I will erase you as I have so many others."
Emily : "Are we on the air?"
Nolan : "We are broadcasting."
Emily : "Cut Charlotte's camera. Turn on the TV in Grayson's Manor."
Nolan : "Ems. You got him!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 19
Victoria : "All this time I thought she was waging war on our family, this goes much further. It's Revenge, for David"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 19
Emily : "Hello there, Victoria!"
Victoria : "Emily, what an unpleasant surprise!"
Emily : "I highly doubt that, considering the little chat that you arranged between me and your new paramour."
Victoria : "Oh, I see that your imagination is as vivid as ever! I would love to stay and chat, but I have less boring people to talk to!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 19
Luke : "Victoria? I don't believe it. Once cameras arrive, of course you put aside your righteous indignation. Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in the Hamptons."
Victoria : "Well, we've finally hit upon a subject on which you're an expert."
Luke : "Oh, you're not on the guest list, Vicky, but I'm sure we can drum up something for you ... in the back!"
Emily : "I wasn't expecting to see you here, Victoria!"
Victoria : "Well, I can only hope it comes as a terrible disappointment to you!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 19
Nolan : "I'm sorry. Did I interrupt?"
Daniel : "Are you out of your mind?"
Nolan : "No. But you must be for pissing off a genius."
Daniel : "Wow. I knew you were a loser. I didn't know you were a sore one."
Nolan : "You may have infected Margaux and this one, but I won't let you do the same to Javier. I just want you to understand, this is ... war."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 18
Victoria : "It's been far too long!"
Mason : "What a surprise, albeit an honor, to receive a visit from the Queen herself."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 18
Victoria : "Emily's interested in flight 197. And I think Mason knows why."
Conrad : "Oh, he knows nothing but how to spin a tale. And as long as Emily is your enemy, well, she's an ally to me."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 16
Victoria (à Emily) : "Emily Thorne, you are done here !"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 15
Nolan : "Emily, what are you gonna do?"
Emily : "What I should have done in the first place. I'm going to kill them all."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 12
Emily : "I'm not going anywhere."
Daniel : "Screw you !"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 10
Nolan : "Only you can make vengeance so beautiful"
Emily : "Let's do it!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 10
Emily (to Daniel) : "Daniel, I've looked forward to this day since I was a little girl. Thank you for letting me into your life, into your family.Through you, I've become the woman that I always wanted to be, the woman that I needed to be. From the moment I met you, I knew that this moment was in our destiny. We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 10
Victoria (to Emily) : "You're nothing but a predator!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 9
Aiden : "What do you think she wants this time?"
Nolan : "Whatever a pretty blonde who comes to the Hamptons wants... Revenge."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 9
Lydia (to Emily and Victoria) : "Don't just stand there. Zip me up."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 9
Conrad: "Lydia? Is it really you?"
Lydia: "Almost as hard to believe as Time Magazine wanting you for a cover."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 9
Victoria: "You missed quite a revelation last night!"
Conrad: "Did you dig up another selfless deed from Emily's past?
Victoria: "Another selfish act, rather. Emily announced that she's with child."
Conrad: "That's marvelous!"
Victoria: "Don't be ridiculous! She's lying."
Conrad: "Why? To trap Danie into marrying her one day before their wedding? I'm thrilled. And may even lead with happy news of the next Grayson generation when I talk with Time Magazine."
Victoria: "Oh, they're interesting in you? Must be a slow news year!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 9
Victoria : "Oh, don't tell me
that you've suddenly become a bride obsessed with her figure. The wedding is less than two days away, my dear. The damage is already done."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 5
Victoria: "The only advice I can offer is this: you can spend your life being controled by powerful men, or you can learn how to control them"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 4
Patrick: "What can I tell you? I'm a bastard in more ways than one."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 4
Victoria (à Emily) : "Thank you for coming, Emily. Feel free to leave anytime."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 4
Emily : "After all, I will be a Grayson in a few weeks."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 4
Daniel : "Walk out that door and I'm not gonna be here when you come back."
Emily : "Then, don't forget to turn on the alarm."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 3
Father Paul : "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned."
Emily : "Trust me, I'm well aware. And I'm willing to give you my forgiveness - something I've never given anyone."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 3
Emily: "Oh, there's so much you don't know about me, Victoria..."
Victoria: "Oh, I'm learning more and more each day."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 3
Victoria (to Aiden): "Together we're going to unravel and destroy that little bitch!"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 3
Margaux (to Daniel) : "Imbécile, mais pourquoi tu fous l'bordel !"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 3
Charlotte (to Emily): "You really are becoming a Grayson, aren't you?"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 1
Nolan : "What are you gonna do ?"
Emily : "Have the wedding of the century. Take down Victoria once and for all."

Revenge saison 3 Episode 1
Nolan: "So… Ashley has been… Daven-deported?"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 1
Ashley : "Well, Emily obviously didn't tell you the full story, like the fact that Jack Porter tried to assassinate your husband the night he got elected."
Victoria : "And who do you think gave him the gun ?"

Revenge saison 3 Episode 1
Nolan : "I guess sometimes payback's not a bitch"

Saison 2
Revenge saison 2 Episode 20
Victoria (à Emily) : « I know what a woman in love looks like and that's not you. Not one year ago and not today. »

Revenge saison 2 Episode 15
Emily : "No more distractions"

Revenge saison 2 Episode 3
Aiden: "He wanted you dead. I prefer you alive."
Emily: "And I prefer you 10,000 miles away from here."

Revenge saison 2 Episode 1
Emily : "And the story I have to tell is far from over..."

Saison 1
Revenge saison 1 Episode 22
Emily: "Let it play."


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