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Citations de la série TV Modern Family

Saison 8
Modern Family saison 8 Episode 3
Manny: "What's with the suit?"
Luke: "Me? Why are you dressed like Nicki Minaj?"

Saison 1
Modern Family saison 1 Episode 23
Mitchell : "Why did you dress her in jungle print?"
Cameron : "Because I thought it would be cute!"
Mitchell : "She'll think she's back in Vietnam."

Modern Family saison 1 Episode 17
Mitchell : "You tried to give me this 20 years ago when my pet snake died."
Jay : "I did ?"
Mitchell : "Yes, Zsa Zsa Gaboa ?"
Cameron : " Oh, that's adorable !"
Gloria : "And you really didn't know he was gay ?"
Jay : "I must've, right ?"

Modern Family saison 1 Episode 16
Gloria : "You were afraid to light the barbecue, but now your eyebrows have grown back and your salmon is legendary."

Modern Family saison 1 Episode 11
Luke : "I broke the coffee table."
Phil : "That's okay. What?"
Luke : "I broke the glass coffee table."
Phil : "The one you swore you didn't break and then we blamed Esperanza and fired her and she stole a turkey at Thanksgiving for her family and got deported?"

Modern Family saison 1 Episode 10
Jay : "I'm sure they do, but as you'll notice from the absence of goats in the street, we are not in Colombia."

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