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Citations de la série TV Doctor Who (2005)

Saison 10
Doctor Who (2005) saison 10 Episode 12
The Doctor: "I’m not trying to win. I’m not doing this because I want to beat someone, because I hate someone, or because I want to blame someone. It’s not because it’s fun. God knows it’s not because it’s easy. It’s not even because it works because it hardly ever does. I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent! And above all, it’s kind! It’s just that… Just kind. If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live. Maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there’s no point to any of this at all. But it’s the best I can do. So I’m going to do it. And I’m going to stand here doing it until it kills me. And you’re going to die too! Some day… And how will that be? Have you thought about it? What would you die for? Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand is where I fall."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 10 Episode 6
Missy: "Without hope. Without witness. Without rewards. I am your friend."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 10 Episode 3
Bill : "Regency England. Bit more black than they show in the movies."
The Doctor : "So was Jesus. History’s a whitewash."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 10 Episode 3
The Doctor : "Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life. A life without privilege. That boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is your value. That's what defines an age, that's... what defines a species."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 10 Episode 1
The Doctor: Imagine if time all happened at once. Every moment of your life laid out around you, like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends. A whole city built from triumph and heartbreak and boredom and laughter and cutting your toenails. It’s the best place you will ever be. Time is a structure relative to ourselves. Time is the space made by our lives, where we stand together forever. Time and Relative Dimension in Space - it means life.

Saison 9
Doctor Who (2005) saison 9 Episode 0
The Doctor: "There's a horror movie called Alien? That's really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 9 Episode 0
The Doctor : "You missed the killer question. [...] How do you get all the presents in the sleigh?"

Santa Claus : "It's bigger on the inside. Ooh!"

Saison 8
Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 12
The Doctor : "Never trust a hug, it's just a way to hide your face.".

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 11
The Doctor: "Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 11
Clara : "What do we do now? You and me, what happens now ? Doctor ?"

The Doctor : "...Go to hell."

Clara : "Fair enough. Absolutely fair enough."

(She start to leave the TARDIS)

The Doctor : "Clara ? You asked me what we're going to do. I told you. We're going to hell."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 11
Danny : "You have Wi-Fi here ? You... you have iPads in the afterlife ?"
Seb : "IPads ? We have Steve Jobs !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 9
Clara : "Why can't you just say I did good? [...] Come on, why can't you say it? I was the Doctor and I was good."

The Doctor : "You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara..."

Clara : "Thank you!"

The Doctor : "...goodness had nothing to do with it."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 5
The Doctor : "What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came up with magician!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 4
The Doctor : "Wally ? He's nowhere in this book."
Rupert Pink : "It's not a Where's Wally one."
The Doctor : "How would you know ? Maybe you just haven't found him yet."
Rupert Pink : "He's not in every book."
The Doctor : "Really ? Well, that's a few years of my life I'll be needing back."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 1
The Doctor : "I'm not flirting, by the way."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 1
The Doctor : "I don't know, but i'll probably blame the english."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 1
The Doctor : "Oh, it's at times like this
I miss Amy. "

Doctor Who (2005) saison 8 Episode 1
The Doctor : "I've made many mistakes, and it's about time that I did something about that. Clara, I'm not your boyfriend."

Clara : "I never thought you were."

The Doctor : "I never said it was your mistake."

Saison 7
Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 13
River Song : "Goodbye, Sweetie."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 13
John Hurt as The Doctor : "What I did, I did without choice. In the the name of peace and sanity."
The Doctor : "But not in the name of The Doctor"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 7
The Doctor : "So...come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you've got a big appetite. Because I've lived a long life and I've seen a few things. I saw the birth of the universe
and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space. Just me. I've walked in universes
where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. I've watched universes freeze and creations burn. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I've lost things you'll never understand. And I know things. Secrets that must never be told. Knowledge that must never be spoken. Knowledge that will make
parasite gods blaze. So come on then! Take it! Take it all, baby!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 5
Amy (à Rory) : "Husband, run !"
River (au Docteur) : "Husband, shut up !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 3
Un homme mesure les épaules du Docteur.
Doctor : "Oh, thanks, I don't need a new suit."
Man : "I'm the undertaker Sir."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 3
Doctor : "I see Keep Out signs as suggestions more than actual orders. Like dry clean only."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 3
Amy : "What’s happened to you, Doctor? When did killing someone become an option?"
Docteur : "Jex has to answer for his crimes."
Amy : "And what then? Are you going to hunt down everyone who’s made a gun or a bullet or a bomb?"
Docteur : "But they keep coming back, don’t you see? Every time I negotiate, I try to understand. Well not today. No, today I honor the victims first. His, The Master’s, the Daleks’. All the people that died because of my mercy!"
Amy : "See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long. Well, listen to me, Doctor, we can’t be like him. We have to be better than him."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 2
Doctor : "Run ..."
Tout le monde court sauf le Doctor.
Amy : "Doctor !"
Doctor : "I know. Dinosaurs ! On a spaceship."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 2
Nefertiti : "And you Amy? Are you also a queen?"
Amy : "Yes. Yes I am."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 2
Le Docteur : "You think you can just bring your dad along without asking? I'm not a taxi service, you know."
Rory : "You materialized around us!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 1
Oswin (après qu'Amy ait frappé Rory): "Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek ? Subtract love, add anger. Doesn't she seem a bit too angry to you ?"
Amy: "Well, somebody's never been to Scotland!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 1
Daleks : "Identify. Doctor Who ? Doctor Who ? DOCTOR WHO ? DOCTOR WHO ?"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 1
Premier ministre Dalek : "Does it surprise you to know that Daleks have a concept of beauty?"
Docteur : "I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again. You think hatred is beautiful?"
Premier ministre Dalek : "Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 0
Clara : "It's smaller on the outside!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 0
Clara : "Run. Run, you clever boy. And remember."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 0
The 13th Doctor : "Do you happen to know how to fly this thing."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 7 Episode 0
The Doctor: "We all change, when you think about it. We're all different people all through our lives. And that’s okay. That’s good. You gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me."

Saison 6
Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 12
Craig (to the Doctor) : "I bet you excrete some sort of gas that makes people love you."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 11
The Doctor : ‘‘I can’t save you from this. There’s nothing I can do to stop this. I stole your childhood and now I’ve lead you by the hand to your death. But the worst thing is I knew. I knew this would happen. This is what always happens. Forget your faith in me. I took you with me because I was vain. Because I wanted to be adored. Look at you. Glorious Pond. The Girl Who Waited for me. I’m not a hero. I really am just a mad man in a box. And it’s time we saw each other as we really are. Amy Williams. It’s time to stop waiting.’’

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 8
The Doctor : "Rule 1 : the Doctor lies."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 4
The Doctor : "I don't... I really don't know what to do. That's a new feeling !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 4
Idris : "Biting's excellent. It's like kissing. Only there's a winner."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 4
Tardis : « Doctor? Are you there? It’s so very dark in here. »
Docteur : « I’m here. »
Tardis : « I’ve been looking for a word. A big, complicated word, but so sad. I’ve found it now. »
Docteur : « What word? »
Tardis : « Alive. I’m alive! »
Docteur : « Alive isn’t sad. »
Tardis : « It’s sad when it’s over. I’ll always be here. But this is when we talked and now even that has to come to an end. There’s something I didn’t get to say to you. »
Docteur : « Goodbye? »
Tardis : « No, I just wanted to say … hello. Hello, Doctor. It’s so very, very nice to meet you. »
Docteur : « Please! I don’t want you to. Please. »

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 4
The Doctor : "And she's a woman. She's a woman and she's the TARDIS."
Amy : "Did you wish really hard ?"
The Doctor : "Shut up ! Not like that."
The Tardis : "Hello. I'm… Sexy."
The Doctor : "Oh ! Still shut up."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 1
River: " When I first met the Doctor, a long, long time ago, he knew all about me. Think about that. An impressionable young girl, and suddenly this man just drops out of the sky, and he's clever, and mad, and wonderful, and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl."
Rory: "I don't really have to."
River: "Trouble is, it's all back to front. My past is his future. We're traveling in opposite directions. Every time we meet, I know him more, he knows me less. I live for the days when I see him, but I know that every time that I do he'll be one step further away. The day is coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor, and he won't have the faintest idea who I am. And I think it's going to kill me."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 0
The Doctor, en montrant le papier psychique : "I think you'll find that I'm universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult."
Young Kazran : "It's just a lot of wavy lines."
The Doctor, en regardant le papier : "Yeah, it shorted out. Finally, a lie too big."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 6 Episode 0
Rory : "Got any more honeymoon ideas?"
The Doctor : "There's a moon that's made of actual honey. Well, not actual honey. And it's not actually a moon. And technically,it's alive and a bit carnivorous, but there are some lovely views."

Saison 5
Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 13
Docteur : « I'll be a story in your head. But that's OK. We're all stories in the end »

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 10
Vincent : "It seems to me that there’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of."
The Doctor : "You don't have to tell me."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 7
Amy : "If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 6
The Doctor : "Tell me the whole plan ! ... One day that'll work."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 5
River Song : "You'll see me again quite soon, when the Pandorica opens."
Docteur : "The Pandorica. That's a fairy tale."
River Song : "Oh, Doctor. Aren't we all?"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 2
Amy : "You look human"
Doc : "No, you look Timelord, we came first!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 2
Amy : "Have you ever run away from something because you were scared, or not ready, or just... just because you could ?"
The Doctor : "Once... a long time ago."
Amy : "What happened ?"
The Doctor : "..."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
Amelia Pond: "Who are you?"
The Doctor: "I don't know yet. Still cooking."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
The Doctor: "You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?"
Amelia Pond: "Yes."
The Doctor: "Everything's going to be fine."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
Amy Pond: "I started to think you were just a madman with a box."
The Doctor: "Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me, 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
The Doctor : "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically....... RUN !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
Docteur : "So… all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will – where do you want to start ?"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 5 Episode 1
The Doctor : "You wanted to come 14 years ago."
Amy Pond : "I grew up."
The Doctor : "Don't worry. I'll soon fix that."

Saison 4
Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 13
Donna: "It's you !"
Cloned Doctor: "Oh, yes."
Donna: "You're naked !"
Cloned Doctor: "Oh, yes."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 9
Miss Evangelista : "I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth. I am brilliant, and unloved."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 9
River Song : "When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment, accepts it. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 9
The Doctor : "Time can be rewritten !"
River Song : "Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 8
Donna : "Maybe it's Sunday"
Le Docteur : "No, I never land on Sundays. Sundays are boring."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 8
Donna : "Donna Noble has left the library, Donna Noble has been saved."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 3
Mr Halpen (talking about the Oods) : "It's not as if they put up a fight.
Donna : "You idiot! They're born with their brains in their hands, don't you see? That makes them peaceful, they've got to be, cos a creature like that would have to trust anyone it meets.
The Doctor : "Oh, nice one."
Donna : "Thank you!"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 1
Donna : "You're not mating with me, sunshine."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
The Doctor : "Allons-y Alonzo !"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
Mr.Copper : "and just across the British Channel, you've got Great France
and Great Germany.

The Doctor : "No, no, it's just France and Germany, only Britain is Great."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
Adelaide: "State your name, rank, and intention !"
The Doctor: "The Doctor. Doctor. Fun."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
The Doctor : "I don't want to go."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
Le Docteur : ""You know, I loved being you. Back when I first started, at the very beginning, I was always trying to be old and grumpy and important — like you do, when you're young. And then I was you. And it was all dashing about and playing cricket and my voice going all squeaky when I shouted. I still do that, the voice thing, I got that from you. Oh, and the trainers. And...snap! 'Cos you know what, Doctor? You were MY Doctor."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
Narrateur : "It is said that in the final days of Planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams. To the west of the north of that world, the human race did gather. In a celebration of the pagan rite to banish the cold and the dark. Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot. Because they must. They forgot their nightmares. Of fire and war and insanity. They forgot. Except for one..."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 4 Episode 0
Narrateur : "And so it came to pass that the players took their final places. Making ready the events that were to come. A madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes. Little knowing of the glory he would achieve. While his savior looked upon the wilderness in the hope of changing his inevitable fate. Far away, the idiots and fools dreamt of a shining new future. A future now doomed to never happen. As Earth rolled onwards into night the people of that world did sleep. And shiver. Somehow knowing the dawn would bring only one thing. The Final Day."

Saison 3
Doctor Who (2005) saison 3 Episode 11
Martha : « What d' you mean, that's your hand?! You've got both your hands. I can see them!
The Doctor : « I lost my hand Christmas Day in a swordfight. »
Martha : « What, and you grew another hand?! »
The Doctor : « Um. Yeah, yeah I did, yeah. »

Doctor Who (2005) saison 3 Episode 10
Sally Sparrow : "Sad is happy for deep people"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 3 Episode 2
Martha Jones : “It’s all a bit Harry Potter…”
The Doctor : “Oh Wait 'till you read book seven! I cried.”

Doctor Who (2005) saison 3 Episode 2
The Doctor : “Besides, you'd be surprised… Elizabethan England, it's not so different from your time.”
Prophet : “…and the Earth will be consumed by flame!”
The Doctor : “Global Warming!”

Doctor Who (2005) saison 3 Episode 1
Martha : "It's bigger on the inside !"
The Doctor : "Is it !?"

Saison 2
Doctor Who (2005) saison 2 Episode 0
The Doctor : "I DON'T KNOW"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 2 Episode 0
The Doctor : "And I think it's gonna be... FANTASTIC"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 2 Episode 0
The Doctor : "...there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than... No, hold on. Sorry, that's the Lion King."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 2 Episode 0
The Doctor : « Blood control! Oh, I haven't seen blood control for years! »

Saison 1
Doctor Who (2005) saison 1 Episode 10
The Doctor : "Welcome back ! 20 years to
pop music, you're gonna love it."

Doctor Who (2005) saison 1 Episode 10
Rose : "Look at you, beaming like you're Father Christmas!"
The Doctor : "Who says I'm not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-twelve?"

Doctor Who (2005) saison 1 Episode 1
Le Docteur : "Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life !"

Doctor Who (2005)

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